Thursday, June 21

09.00-09.20 Welcome /Intro
Johan Storm (Chair): Intro/overview: consciousness & HBP
09.20-13.00 Fundamental aspects, including theories of consciousness
Moderators: Johan Storm (Norway) & Kathinka Evers (Sweden)
09.20 Kathinka Evers
09.50 Ned Block (USA)
10.20 The meta-problem of consciousness
David Chalmers (USA)
10.50 Coffee break
11.10 Integrated Information Theory: From Phenomenology to its Physical Substrate
Larissa Albantakis (USA)
11.40 The global neuronal workspace: past present future
Jean-Pierre Changeux (HBP)
12.10-13.00 Discussion
13.00-14.00 Lunch & Posters
14.00-14.40 Integrated consciousness research in HBP
Marcello Massimini
15.00-18.00 Neurobiological mechanisms and correlates of consciousness
Moderators: Marcello Massimi (Italy) & Mavi Sánchez-Vives (Spain)
15.00 The fabric of consciousness in animals: theory and experiment
Cyriel Pennartz (Netherlands)
15.30 Visceral inputs, Brain dynamics and Subjectivity
Catherine Tallon-Baudry (France)
16.00 Consciousness beyond the individual brain
Wolf Singer (Germany)
16.30 Coffee break + exhibit/demo
17.00 Towards empirical testing of theories of consciousness 
Nao Tsuchiya (Australia)
17.30 Comparative aspects of the neuronal basis for consciousness from insects to humans
Rodolfo Llinas (USA)
18.00-18.50 Discussion
18.50-19.50 Flash talks by young HBP researchers

Friday, June 22

09.00-12.30 Models, simulations, and emulation of consciousness
Moderators: Cyriel Pennartz (Netherlands) & Alain Destexhe (France)
09.00  Alain Destexhe 
09.25 The Threshold for Conscious Report: Signal Loss and Response Bias in Visual and Frontal Cortex
Pieter R. Roelfsema (Netherlands)
09.50 I´m therefore I think
Karl Friston (UK)
10.20 Coffee break
10.40 The Multiscale Brain: from genes to brain states and behavior
Sean Hill (Switzerland)
11.10 Physiological modeling of consciousness: from microcircuits o awareness and wakefulness
Fabrice Wendling (France)
11.40-12.30 Discussion
12.30-13.00 Flash talks by young researchers
13.00-14.00 Lunch & posters
+ exhibit/demo + ROBOT presentations by Tony Prescott/Martin Pearson
14.00-17.40 Clinical, ethical, and societal implications of consciousness research
Moderators: Steven Laureys & Olivia Gosseries
14.00 Olivia Gosseries
14.30 Cognitive motor dissociation after severe brain injury
Nicholas Schiff (USA)
15.00 Anesthetic Mechanisms of Altered States of Arousal
Emery  Brown
15.30 Coffee break + exhibit/demo
15.50 Thalamic Contributions to visual perception and action decisions
Melanie Wilke(Germany)
16.20 Neural mechanisms of bodily self-consciousness
Olaf Blanke (Switzerland)
16.50-17.40 Discussion
17.40–18.40 Roundtable discussion
18.40-19.10 Press conference
19.30–20.15 Public lecture HBP member
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