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    Prof. Fabrice Wendling,Director of Research, LTSI – Inserm – University of Rennes, France, has been working in the field of Biomedical Engineering applied to brain signals for 20 years in close collaboration with neurologists.

    He has developed advanced diagnostic methods based on nonlinear dynamics and electrophysiological signal processing. He has always been deeply involved in the search for mechanisms underlying excitability in neuronal systems. To this aim, he has developed pioneering small-scale (LFP, SEEG) models of epileptiform activity specifically adapted to the cellular organization of brain structures involved in partial epilepsies. He has also developed large-scale (EEG) models of brain activity used to explain tCS effects in various applications, including consciousness (H2020, FEP-Open project Luminous, 2014-20).

    He is now promoting the combination of computational, clinical and experimental approaches which could significantly improve our understanding of the mechanisms underlying various neurological disorders and lead to novel therapeutic procedures, in particular, based on electrical stimulation.

    Peer-reviewed papers: 120. Conferences with proceeding papers: 37. Book chapters: 10. Patents: 5. Registered softwares: 5. h=46. Citations=7150 (source Google Scholar).

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